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Pet Dentistry at Northview Animal Hospital in Albuquerque, NM

Prioritize your pet’s dental health with comprehensive care at Northview Animal Hospital, offering expert dental cleanings, surgery, radiography, and check-ups.

Pet Dentistry at Northview Animal Hospital

Pet dentistry is a vital aspect of caring for your furry companion’s overall health and well-being. Just like humans, pets can suffer from dental issues such as plaque buildup, tartar, and periodontal disease. These conditions, if left untreated, can lead to pain and infection, and potentially impact your pet’s vital organs.

Our expert pet dentistry services are designed to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. We offer a range of comprehensive dental care options tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Whether it’s a routine dog tooth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar or specialized cat dentistry, our skilled veterinarians are here to provide excellent care. Regular dental exams are essential to detect and address any dental issues early on. Our thorough examinations allow us to identify signs of dental disease and recommend appropriate treatments. For pets requiring more advanced care, we offer tooth extractions and oral surgery to address severe dental problems.

Veterinarian brushing a dog's teeth

When to Tell If Your Pet Needs Dental Care

It’s crucial to recognize the signs indicating that your pet may require dental care:

  • Bad Breath: Persistent bad breath can indicate dental issues such as plaque buildup or infection.
  • Changes in Eating Habits: If your pet is reluctant to eat or shows difficulty chewing, it could be due to dental pain.
  • Visible Tartar or Discoloration: Yellow or brown deposits on teeth are signs of tartar buildup that requires professional cleaning.
  • Red or Inflamed Gums: Inflamed or bleeding gums are signs of gum disease, a common dental issue in pets.
  • Excessive Drooling: Increased drooling may suggest oral discomfort or an underlying dental problem.

Services We Offer

At Northview Animal Hospital, we offer a range of pet dentistry services to address various dental issues:

  • Dental Cleanings: Routine dental cleanings are essential for maintaining your pet’s oral health and preventing tartar buildup.
  • Dental Surgery: Our experienced veterinarians perform dental surgeries, such as extractions or gum treatments, to address more severe dental problems.
  • Radiography: Precise dental radiographs allow us to assess the health of your pet’s teeth below the gum line, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Check-Ups: We recommend regular dental check-ups to catch dental issues early and prevent progression to more serious conditions.

Benefits of Pet Dentistry

  1. Prevents Dental Disease: Regular cleanings prevent dental disease, averting pain, infections, and tooth loss. Protect your pet’s oral health for a happier life.
  2. Improves Overall Health: Dental health affects the whole body. Proper care leads to a longer, healthier life by safeguarding against heart, liver, and kidney issues.
  3. Reduces Oral Pain: Prompt treatment means less pain for your pet. Regular cleanings and check-ups keep discomfort at bay, ensuring their comfort.
  4. Freshens Breath: Say goodbye to bad breath! Cleanings remove plaque and tartar, leaving your furry friend with a noticeably fresher breath. Enjoy cuddles without worry.

Why Choose Northview Animal Hospital for Pet Dentistry?

  • Expert Care: Our veterinarians are skilled in pet dentistry procedures, ensuring your pet receives the highest quality of care.
  • Compassionate Approach: We understand that dental procedures can be stressful for pets. Our team provides gentle and compassionate care to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Advanced Technology: Northview Animal Hospital is equipped with advanced dental equipment, including digital radiography, for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Comprehensive Services: From routine cleanings to advanced surgery, we offer a wide range of pet dentistry services to meet your pet’s needs.

Post-Dental Home Care Instructions

For comprehensive post-dental instructions, please refer to the following PDF:

Post-Dental Home Care Instructions (PDF)