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Pet Anal Gland Expressions at Northview Animal Hospital in Albuquerque, NM

Discover the benefits of pet anal gland expressions at Northview Animal Hospital. Ensure your pet’s comfort and health with our expert care.

What is Pet Anal Gland Expression?

Pet anal gland expression, also referred to as anal sac expression, is a procedure designed to manually expel the contents of the anal glands. These small glands, situated near the anus, are responsible for producing a smelly, oily substance. The purpose of this secretion is to aid in communication and marking territory. Ideally, the anal glands should empty naturally during bowel movements.

However, some pets may encounter issues with their anal glands. If these glands do not empty properly on their own, they can become impacted or infected, leading to discomfort and potential complications. This is where pet anal gland expression becomes crucial. During the procedure, a trained veterinarian gently palpates the glands to manually express the contents. By doing so, any built-up fluid or debris is effectively removed, alleviating discomfort and reducing the risk of infections.

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Benefits of Pet Anal Gland Expression

  • Preventing Discomfort: When anal glands become impacted, pets can experience discomfort, pain, and even infection. Regular expression helps prevent these issues, keeping your pet comfortable and happy.
  • Preventing Infections: Impacted anal glands can lead to infections, which are not only painful but can also be costly to treat. By regularly expressing the glands, we reduce the risk of infections and the need for antibiotics.
  • Addressing Foul Odors: Anal gland secretions have a strong, unpleasant odor. Expressing these glands helps reduce the chance of your pet emitting foul smells, making your home a more pleasant place to be.
  • Improving Bowel Movements: Pets with full anal glands may struggle to have normal bowel movements. Expressing the glands can improve their ability to pass stool comfortably.

When is it Necessary to Get Your Pet’s Anal Glands Expressed?

Knowing when to seek pet anal gland expression is essential for your pet’s well-being. Here are some signs that your pet may need this procedure:

  • Scooting: If your pet is dragging their bottom along the floor, it could indicate discomfort from full anal glands.
  • Foul Odor: A strong, fishy smell near your pet’s rear end is often a sign of full anal glands.
  • Excessive Licking: Pets may lick their anal area excessively if they are experiencing discomfort.
  • Difficulty Defecating: Straining during bowel movements can be a sign of impacted anal glands.

Our Approach at Northview Animal Hospital

At Northview Animal Hospital, our experienced veterinarians are skilled in performing pet anal gland expressions with care and precision. We understand that this procedure can be uncomfortable for pets, so we take every measure to ensure their comfort throughout the process.

When you bring your pet to Northview Animal Hospital for an anal gland expression, our team will:

  • Assess Your Pet: We begin by examining your pet to determine if anal gland expression is necessary.
  • Gently Express Glands: Using gentle pressure, we manually express the anal glands to remove the accumulated secretions.
  • Monitor for Any Issues: During the procedure, we also check for signs of infection or other anal gland-related problems.